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Signal and Image Sciences

Engineers in the Signal and Image Sciences section work closely with Laboratory programs to develop technologies in the signal and image sciences which support a wide variety of scientific inquiry. Given the unique regimes in which the Laboratory works, the technologies created by the section are often one-of-a-kind, and range from the analysis of nuclear fusion signals to adaptive optics for exo-planet discovery.

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Engineering at LLNL

Center for Advanced Signal and Image Sciences (CASIS)

Each year the section organizes the CASIS Workshop, a forum where research scientists and engineers can freely exchange information and ideas in a comfortable intellectual environment focused on the signal and image sciences. CASIS has hosted 19 annual workshops featuring such luminaries as Pietro Perona (Computer Vision), Richard Baraniuk (Compressive Sensing), Alan Oppenheim (Signal Processing), and Ronald Bracewell (Fourier Imaging). The 2015 Keynote Address was delivered by Georgios Giannakis, renowned signal processing researcher, University of Minnesota.

CASIS Workshop