Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Signal and Image Processing Research group specializes in wireless communications, hyperspectral remote sensing, geographic information systems, and statistical signal processing

Dave Chambers, 925-423-8893
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Dave Chambers 925-423-8893 Radiation detection, isotope id, NDE/acoustics, SAR, acoustical signal processing, statistical signal processing
Kyle Champley 925-422-3777 Inverse problems, computed tomography, numerical optimization, signal and image processing, software engineering
Hema Chandrasekaran 925-422-7265 Wireless communications, image processing and analysis, statistical signal processing
Farid Dowla 925-423-7579 Signal processing systems, radar systems, wireless communications , statistical signal processing
Aditya Mohan 925-422-6713 Inverse problems, computation imaging computed tomography, statiscal signal processing, optimization, and machine learning
Karl Nelson 925-424-4183 Signal processing systems, radiation detection, isotope id, statistical signal processing
Dave Paglieroni 925-423-9295 SAR, hyperspectral remote sensing, image processing and analysis, statistical signal processing
Lisa Poyneer 925-423-3360 Control systems, adaptive optics, image processing and analysis, statistical signal processing
Abbie Warrick 925-422-8157
Brian Worthmann 925-423-8741 Model-based array signal processing